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Information for the 2024 Fall Semester

Questions about the application or the co-op can be emailed to


Applications are now closed for Fall 2024! If interested, please check back for Spring 2025 availability.


STEP-up Co-op was started in 2018 as a means to provide an opportunity for homeschool families to supplement learning at home in a group environment. Our goal remains the same to this day:

To help provide homeschool families with quality classes once a week at a low cost while maintaining our sense of community within the co-op.


We require at least one parent per family to commit to attending co-op every week for the entire semester. In order for the co-op to function effectively, every parent will be assigned at least two jobs while on campus. Should you miss a week, your jobs must be filled by others in addition to their other jobs. So your attendance is essential in continuing to make this co-op a success!


A list of classes for the Fall has been added to the Classes tab! A general description, class fee, period, and grade levels will be provided for each class. Some of the information has already been posted, and the rest will be posted in the coming days. 


  • Family Fee - this is a required fee of $100 per semester, per family regardless of the number of children in your family. Each family must pay this once-per-semester $100 fee at the same time as registering your children for classes in the upcoming semester. Only accepted families can pay this fee, and by paying this fee, you are indicating that you are committing to attend and participate in the co-op for the entire semester.

  • Teacher Discount - in addition to registering before general registration, teachers will also receive a discount to help reduce the family fee:

    • Teaching one class will reduce your family fee by $10​

    • Teaching two or more classes will reduce your family fee by $25

  • Class Fees - in addition to the required $100 family fee, each class will have a fee associated with it that will vary based on the cost of materials needed for the class.


  • June 21st - Applications close

  • July 9th - In Person registration 

  • August 15th - Mandatory Parent Meeting 

  • August 19th - First day of co-op

  • September 2nd - Labor Day : No co-op

Be sure to check out the Calendar for more dates!​

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