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2nd-3rd Graders - Spring '24 Classes

Family Fee: $100

A family fee is paid each semester regardless of the number of children you enroll or how many sessions you attend.


1st Period Classes, 9:00 am - 9:50 am

Lego Builders, 2nd-3rd grades - Class Fee: $5

Calling all young builders! Join us this semester to explore your creative side as we use our imaginations to bring to life amazing stories!

Paleontology, 2nd-3rd grades - Class Fee: $5

We will be using The Good and the Beautiful curriculum. Dinosaur discovery, fascinating fossils, archaeology and ancient artifacts, and more await in the Paleontology science unit!

U.S. States and Capitals, 2nd-3rd grades - Class Fee: $5

Learn about our states and capitals while also learning interesting facts about each state. This class will make state booklets and try different foods from the states we cover.

2nd Period Classes, 10:00 am - 10:50 am

Choir, 2nd-3rd grades - Class Fee: $10

Choir class will consist of singing, learning to find the rhythm, and singing in harmony with each other. Class will also involve creative dancing and fun instruments they can move and play with. My goal is to have fun and have the kids learn and find their voice. Expression for ourselves and for the Lord can come in so many creative ways. I hope to create a path for them on their journey of life! I’m creating a mash up of songs that should be fun and challenging, but within reach for their age and abilities. We will be shooting to perform our efforts at the end of the semester so they can have a little fun!

Health and the Physical Body, 2nd-3rd grades - Class Fee: $5

Introduction to the unique way God created our bodies*, the building blocks of a healthy lifestyle, and how our cells work together to help us breathe, digest food, move, and much more! (We will be using The Good and the Beautiful science curriculum for this class if you'd like to look at what topics are covered on their website.) *NOTE: For your peace of mind, Week One covers how the body is formed, aka: how cells divide and grow, but does not go into any details of how babies are made.

P.E., 2nd-3rd grades - Class Fee: $5

P.E. Class will consist of fun exercising games. We will teach kids good exercise habits while having fun and exhibit good sportsmanship. Dodgeball, jump rope, soccer, basketball, and kickball are just some of the many activities we will be doing for the kids.


3rd Period Classes, 11:00 am - 11:50 am

Basic/Beginner Gymnastics, 2nd-3rd grades - Class Fee: $5

This class will give kids a peek into the gymnastics world by learning entry level skills and technique. Thru basic skills and strengthening challenges, they will begin developing balance, strength, coordination and confidence. End of semester will include a gymnastics performance!

Sharing Time (Show and Tell), 2nd-3rd grades - Class Fee: $5

We will have weekly themed show and tell items. Your child will get to talk about their items and then illustrate them on drawing paper. It gives them a chance to learn public speaking on a smaller scale.

Weather and Water, 2nd-3rd grades - Class Fee: $5

From thrilling storms and calming rains to heat waves and cold snaps, explore all the ways God keeps things growing and changing on our Earth. (We will be using The Good and the Beautiful science curriculum for this class if you'd like to look at what topics are covered on their website.)


**2nd-5th Grades are combined for this session, and these classes are for enrichment purposes only.**

1st Period Classes, 1:00 pm - 1:50 pm

Literature Adventures, 2nd-5th grades - Class Fee: $10

We will be reading different books and then doing projects such as crafts, cooking, or a game based on the book.

2nd Period Classes, 2:00 pm - 2:50 pm

Team Building Games, 2nd-5th grades - Class Fee: $5

We will play a variety of team building games where they will have to work together to be successful.

3rd Period Classes, 3:00 pm - 3:50 pm

Regions of the U.S.A., 2nd-5th grades - Class Fee: $15

Come learn about the states and regions of the United States! Each week we'll cover different states and regions of the U.S. using games, songs, and fun activities.

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