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2021 Fall Semester Classes

All Day Classes, 9-11:50 am

Nursery - $0:  We have a nursery available for infants-2 year olds who have older siblings in the co-op. The nursery will have at least 2 adults in it at all times. There is no charge for the nursery; however, you will be responsible for providing all snacks, drinks, diapers, etc. for your child.

Preschool - $15:  Available for 3 and 4 year olds who have older siblings in the co-op. There will be a variety of subjects covered through hands on learning and play. One class period will also be used for a snack/recess time. You will be responsible for all drinks and snacks for your child. This class is a courtesy class for our younger children and is a supplement to anything they are learning at home with you.

K-1st Grades - $20:  Kinder and 1st graders will all sign up for one class. They will be separated by the teachers the first day of class based on the knowledge they have and the skills they have mastered. Your child will stay in one classroom for the entire morning. Each class will have some form of mathematics and reading, as well as other areas of learning. One class period will also be used for a snack/recess time. You will be responsible for providing all snacks and drinks for your child. This class is a supplement to what your child is learning at home with you.

1st Period Classes, 9-9:50 am

Lapbooking - $12, 2nd-5th Grades:  Lap booking consists of crafting a “lift the flap” study tool for any topic, and some of the topics or subjects we plan on lap booking in this class will be the state of Texas, many areas of math, weather/water/season cycles, and many more.

Geography - $10, 2nd-5th Grades:  Welcome to World Geography! This semester we will learn basic map skills and 'visit' several countries around the world. The goal of this class will be to have fun while broadening our knowledge of other countries and their cultures.

Analytical Literature - $10, 6th-8th Grades:  Middle School students will read 4 classic novels over the course of the semester. Reading will be done in small segments at home (a chapter or 2 per day) and students will complete worksheets as they read through sections of each book. Class time will be spent discussing the work as well as additional ideas and information. Each student will be responsible for providing their own copy of each book to read. Editions will not be specific, so if it is a book you already own, you will not need to purchase a newer copy. Topics will include narrative techniques, themes, setting, figurative language, sensory images, foreshadowing and allusions to name a few. There will also be geographical and historical context discussed with each story. The novels for this semester will be: Island of the Blue Dolphins by, Scott O'Dell Sounder by, William Armstrong The Witch of Blackbird Pond by, Elizabeth Speare (there is no witch nor witchcraft in this story) Tuck Everlasting by, Natalie Babbit

Advanced Drama - $10, 6th-12th Grades:  Advanced Drama is for students who have already taken a drama class previously or have performed through organizations such as Amarillo Conservatory or ALT. If you have any questions as to whether your student would qualify, please email Kelly @ This class is designed to build upon past theatre experiences and enhance skills. We will cover topics such as ensemble work, movement, voice, scene and character analysis, improvisational skills, monologues, music, and theatre history. **There will be short monologues or dialogues students will be expected to memorize throughout the semester.

Cooking - $25, 6th-12th Grades:  In this hands on cooking class, your child will learn how to follow recipes, cooking and food safety, basic knife skills, as well as the food and nutrition aspect of what they will be creating. Each week they will learn something new that they can cook at home. Some examples of what will be taught each week are, what is and how to make a roux, homemade tortillas, biscuits, as well as homemade butter. They will also learn how to cook/ bake certain foods such as chicken or beef, eggs, pies, and cookies.

Biology - $30, 9th-12th Grades:  This high school two semester course will cover foundational biology. Course work will include: microscope orientation and labs, cell biology, an introduction to biochemistry, study of the five kingdoms of life and a comparison of creation and evolution. The lab portion of the course will include three or four dissections (grasshoppers/crayfish, fish, and frogs), microscope slide work, a small leaf collection and insect collection, and a few other labs. The in class/lab portion of the course will be set up alternating one week for instruction and one week for lab work in the co-op time. An online syllabus will be provided to facilitate required reading, tests, labs, etc., and due dates. Each student should plan on allotting approximately five hours per week outside of co-op time for reading Science Island curriculum material online, taking notes on their reading, taking weekly quizzes and/or tests online, and previewing labs prior to class and completing lab write ups afterwards. Each student will need access to Google Classroom and the internet at home to complete and submit their work.

2nd Period Classes, 10-10:50 am

Arts/Crafts - $20, 2nd-5th Grades:  Let’s get crafty! Join us in exploring our creative side, everything from painting bird houses to creating nature scenes using every day items. Some crafts will be paired with a short lesson to expand our knowledge about the world around us. All supplies will be provided excluding clothing protection. Please bring a large paint shirt for your child to wear to avoid ruining their clothing.

Lego Building - $5, 2nd-5th Grades:  Students will work in groups and independently. We will work on: motor skills, listening skills, following directions, and having fun. There will be a building challenge and free style building each class. Looking forward to seeing where your imaginations take you!

Texas History - $15, 6th-8th Grades:  We will be studying early Texas history with a hands on experience. We will start with the geography of Texas and work our way up to the revolution. Supplies needed for this class will be colored pencils, pens, pencils, and a 1 inch binder. All other materials will be provided.

Fundamentals of Drama - $10, 6th-12th Grades:  This class is designed specifically for students who have never had drama class and/ or who have had little or no experience with theater basics. If you have any questions, please email Kelly at This class will be focusing on activities, short scene performances, and improv games to help students build self-confidence as they learn drama and speech skills. These acting exercises focus on stage movement, using props, showing emotion through facial expression, and speaking in front of an audience. Our goal is to develop effective oral expression and stage presence, as well as learning fundamental theater-related terms and concepts. **There may be one or two short monologues or dialogues they will be expected to memorize toward the end of the semester.

Microsoft Office - free, 9th-12th Grades:  An introductory course for Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Your child will learn the basic functions of these three products to give his or her productivity a boost, both for school and future jobs! A laptop will be required for each student to bring to class every week, and the laptop must have all three Microsoft Office products installed*. The free web and mobile apps versions will not work for this class due to the lack of adequate wi-fi at the church. *Guidance on where to purchase these products can be provided if needed.

3rd Period Classes, 11-11:50 am

Science Experiments - $25, 2nd-5th Grades:  We will be using the scientific method to do weekly hands on experiments. Students will be exploring everything from physics and chemistry to weather and solar energy!

Cooking - $15, 2nd-5th Grades:  A fun cooking class where we will be learning how to use, measure, and cook ingredients together, and then we get to enjoy eating what we've made. We will learn kitchen safety, how to safely use kitchen appliances, and how adding or removing different ingredients together can produce different results. We will also learn what to do when you don't have an ingredient and what to safely substitute.

Grammar - $15, 6th-8th Grades:  An intro into basic grammar and why it's so important. We'll be using Fix-it from IEW to go over punctuation and sentence structure in class, as well as Easy Grammar Plus. Students will have some work to do at home with their Easy Grammar book, but they should be able to do it on their own with what we learn in class each week.

Historical Conquest - $30, 6th-12th Grades:  Historical Conquest is a unique and exciting card game in which players create personalized societies of REAL heroes, villains, leaders, assassins, disasters, armies, and more from ACTUAL world history and battle them against one another. Each card is complete with fantastic illustrations and intriguing summaries of people, places, and events from world history. Students will learn history in a more fun and engaging way. The class fee will provide a playing mat and a deck of playing cards, both necessary to play. If your child does not need these items please let us know and we will let you know the adjusted fee.

Cake Decorating - $25, 9th-12th Grades:  Cake decorating will include, learning to make and decorate with fondant, buttercream and royal icing, as well as learning to do roses, flowers, basket weave, lettering, and beading using different icing tips. They will learn how to crumb coat and decorate a cake, and ice and decorate cookies and cupcakes.

IEW - $40, 11th-12th Grades:  This class is specifically for older high school students to learn how to write both a descriptive and a persuasive essay on a college level. We will go over the basics of writing a research paper. We will be using IEW's "The Elegant Essay" which will be provided by the co-op and is included in the class fee. Because we will be moving through this curriculum quickly, this class is open only to 11th and 12th graders, or 9th or 10th graders who have an extensive knowledge of writing using IEW's techniques.

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