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6th-8th Graders - Fall 2020 Semester

Family Fee: $100

A family fee is paid each semester to cover the cost of rent and insurance.

1st Period Classes, 9-9:50 am

$10     6th-8th grades, Newbery Book Club: four (4) books will be read over the course of the semester and are to be read at home (a chapter or two per day, depending on the book). Weekly class time will be spent discussing the content and themes of the books, information about the author, story webbing, vocabulary, and literary devices used within the stories. There will be no writing assignments. The titles chosen are: The Witch of Blackbird Pond by Elizabeth George Speare, The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle by Avi, Dragonwings by Laurence Yep, and Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry by Mildred D. Taylor.

$15     6th-12th grades, Advanced Drama: This class is for any students who have previously taken drama or acting classes or been involved in any theater production. This semester, drama class is focusing on activities, scene performances, and and improv games to help students build self-confidence as they learn drama and speech skills. These acting exercises focus on stage movement, using props, and speaking to an audience. Our goal is to develop effective oral expression and stage presence, as well as learning theater-related terms and concepts. There may be an occasional short monologue or dialogue they will be expected to memorize. (For the 9th-12th Grade class page, click here.)

-FULL- $30     6th-12th grades, Cooking/Baking: This year we want to focus on learning how to measure ingredients, substituting ingredients, making our very own recipes from scratch, seeing how they turn out, and what needs to be done if those recipes don't turn out right. We will also learn kitchen safety, food safety, storage of foods for short and long term, and spend at least 2 weeks on canning. This class can work with pretty much any allergies or food restrictions - the teacher just needs to be made aware of them.

(For the 9th-12th Grade class page, click here.)

2nd Period Classes, 10-10:50 am

$15     6th-8th grades, Government/Current Events: This class will teach students about our government, the constitution, and the election process using hands-on projects. It is a one semester class.

$15     6th-12th grades, Beginning Drama:  Students will learn the basics of drama including dramatic speaking and expression, pantomime, and improvisation. There will be script reading, and they will be introduced to readers, theater, and monologues. (For the 9th-12th Grade class page, click here.)

3rd Period Classes, 11-11:50 am

$15     6th-8th grades, Grammar: An intro into basic grammar and why it's so important. We'll be using Fix-it from IEW to go over punctuation and sentence structure in class, as well as Easy Grammar Plus. Students will have some work to do at home with their Easy Grammar book, but they should be able to do it on their own with what we learn in class each week. **If your child was in this class last semester and already had their workbook, please let us know so we can remove the class fee off your invoice.**
-FULL- $25     6th-12th grades, Cake Decorating: This class will include learning how to make and decorate with fondant, buttercream, and royal icing, as well as learning how to do roses, flowers, basket weave, lettering, and beading using different icing tips. They will learn how to crumb coat and decorate a cake as well as ice and decorate cookies and cupcakes. (For the 9th-12th Grade class page, click here.)

$50     6th-12th grades, Nature Journaling with watercolors: We will learn sketching, beginning watercolor techniques, and color mixing and theory while exploring nature through careful observation. We will then record these observations in a journal that students will be able to take home with them at the end of the semester and continue to add to for years to come. Class fee covers all necessary art supplies. Students will not have homework, although they will be encouraged to find interesting natural objects/plants or take fun photos of nature during the week and bring them into class to then record in our journals. Anything that inspires them during the week could be used in class. (For the 9th-12th Grade class page, click here.)

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