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2nd-5th Graders - Fall 2020 Semester

Family Fee: $100

A family fee is paid each semester to cover the cost of rent and insurance.

1st Period Classes, 9-9:50 am

$15     2nd-3rd grades, Science Experiments: Students will be learning science concepts by experimenting and playing new games each week. A few of the topics covered are Newton's laws of motion, the bones in the human body, plants, earth, and we will even be doing an egg drop.

$5       2nd-5th grades, Elementary Choir: This class will be focused on learning to sing songs as a group as well as basic music theory.

$20     4th-5th grades, Social Studies, a unit study on Native Americans: We'll be learning what a Native American is, where they originated from, what their lives were like, and where they are today.

2nd Period Classes, 10-10:50 am

$20     2nd-3rd grades, Lapbooking: Lapbooking is an awesome way to learn all about ANYTHING! Think file folder mini books covering details, fold outs filled with fun facts, colorful charts, and tons of knowledge retention! We will cover honeybees and their life cycle while incorporating the "bee"-atitudes, learning about tricky homophones (think your vs you're), time and money concepts, rocks & minerals, the water cycle, and more because learning is limitless!

$15     2nd-5th grades, Cooking/Baking: This class will teach students how to follow a recipe and measure ingredients as well as how to cook and bake from scratch.

$20     4th-5th grades, Earth Science: (continued from last semester, but any 4th or 5th grader can sign up) Students will be learning about things in nature, such as plants and animals. We will also cover creation and dinosaurs. This curriculum is taught in a Charlotte Mason method.

$15     4th-5th grades, Geography: We'll be putting the world in perspective this semester learning continents, countries, and cities around the world. We'll have FUN studying and learning how to read and make maps and playing games that encourage useful and usable real world knowledge! We'll end the semester with a Geography Bee!

3rd Period Classes, 11-11:50 am

$10     2nd-3rd grades, Incredible People of the Bible: Step into character this semester as we study some noteworthy people in the lineage of Christ. We'll learn about their character, flaws, and experiences. The teacher's goal for this class will be to encourage a mindset of serving, overcoming, and an overall discipline in the dedication to the Lord through the history of His people.

$15     2nd-5th grades, PE/Nutrition: This class focuses on movement, movement, movement. We will be learning a general understanding of the body systems, the basics of nutrition, and exercise fundamentals. We will use games to reinforce what we learn. Lots of fun and movement awaits!

$30     4th-5th grades, Spanish: Teach Them Spanish! course book by Winnie Waltzer-Hackett. Students will learn the alphabet, numbers, frequently used expressions, plurals, telling the time, among many other things in a fun way, such as games, songs, and writing activities.

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