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Strengthen, Teach, Encourage, Prepare

STEP-up Co-op was created to give local homeschool families a low-cost opportunity to meet together once a week for our children to participate in enrichment activities as well as core classes for older children.  It is also a place to grow and develop personal relationships to strengthen our homeschool community.

We meet weekly on Mondays from 8:45-11:50 AM for the Morning Session, which is geared for students in Kindergarten-5th Grade. We also meet from 12:45-3:50 PM for the Afternoon Session, which is geared for students in 6th-12th Grades.

To see upcoming events, be sure to check out our Calendar or view the list at the bottom of our Apply page, where you will also find a link to apply to the  co-op whenever applications are being accepted. 

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